Ux Project
iOS APP Design & Development

During the pandemic, I took part in a remote course created in partnership between Simplon France and Apple, learning UX techniques and iOS development.

Working in groups - fully remote, using discord, we learned Apple design basics and UX techniques before finding and solving a business problem creating an app for iOS using Xcode.

∙ UX - surveys, paper-prototyping, card-sorting
∙ Team work, Agile Methodology
∙ Swift development in Xcode


Using discord voice and text channels, working in groups of 5, we selected roles for the project and looked at the film sector and tried to establish a problem to solve using an app.

After surveying and looking at 'how to use technology to increase popularity in films and cinema', we focused on streaming and creating an app to help users find a platform to watch a film or television series on, or propose theatre tickets to the user.

We developed the app idea based on voting and selection of ideas based on popularity to a selected public. The potential solutions where again pitched to a public survey before further development so that the project would be driven by user data.


The project required UI research and we followed 2 weeks of Apple curated training.

The final designs were created from our wireframes, incorporating and identifying swift features that we would then code and test as a live app.

Our designs were regularly shared to feedback on functionality and design, and we then would share responsibility for different sections of the app.

As UX lead, it was a great experience taking part in discussions and leading the card-sort for the ideation stage. I got to use some graphic design creating logos and UI elements, and working on a remote project in a team was a great learning experience.

Graphic Design
Logo Work & Graphic Design