Public Services
Full Site Design & Development

The client, a public service organisation for young adults in an area in the south of France, needed a site to offer its services to the public.

Requirements included having an address search function, so users could find their nearest support centre, and have individual pages for each centre with contact information.

Wordpress was used for the CMS solution.

∙ Website Design
∙ Custom Javascript
∙ Wordpress CMS


The client had existing branding, including a logo with a bright colour scheme.

I used the different colours from the logo to signify different sub sections of the site. The bold colours working well to give the site a youthful modern style to appeal to its public. I adapted the logo to an icon that I could place to help differentiate each page section.

Using the logo colours, I could create shades to help the hierarchy of elements on the page and navigation, complemented with a white background and dark grey for the body text to make the content clear and legible.


The site was designed to give the users access to all functionality from the homepage.

Priority was given to the support centre search functionality, so that the young adults can find local assistance with minimum effort.

I created an article section so the client could update users on the latest news, manageable via the Wordpress CMS dashboard.


The client required a search functionality on the site, so the users could find their closest support centre.

The feature was developed with jQuery, creating autocomplete suggestions.

The search result was linked to an individual page for each centre, managed by the Wordpress admin dashboard using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) where the user could find opening times and contact details.

UX Project
iOS app - Design & Development